not one but two engagements

Dave and I have 3 children.

Boy, Girl, Boy

2 out of 3 kids got engaged in 5 days.

Both in Idaho.

One in Rexburg. One in Yellowstone.
There will be one Wedding in Queen Creek- Gilbert, Arizona. Sealing in Arizona.

One in Jersey Channel Islands, Sealing in the US. Still waiting on passports and visa…

2 very different couple.

2 couples so in love.

2 days of dress shopping.

2 dresses bought.

2 surprise engagement parties.

2 more bonus kids, I am so happy I could cry. Oh wait I have!

2 countries coming together.

both will get very different receptions, but same last name initial. 😉

Excitement. Patience. Kindness. Love. Lots of other adjectives to see how the next few months play out. but the truth is BLESSED. So thankful my two children have found 2 bonus kids for me to love. romantic

Joe + Emily Sivert

Joe + Emily Sivert… High school friends. Mission, volleyball, college and then marriage. These two love each other and they are sure sweet. Queen Creek’s own, Siverts.


Seniors of 2020, seniors of 2021….

Wow you have had a historic senior year.

masks, at home, no school, no tests, some tests, taking your own attendance.

Just crazy.

Let me document your year.

4th of July

Our country. My country. the land of the free.

we are the land of the free…..


thank you to all who have fought for MY freedoms.

Happy 4th of July.

surprise proposal in the canyon

happy jack, arizona

Ring from

I always feel privileged to be a part of moments in my clients lives. This one was extra special because
I have known Joe for a long time and feels like one of my kids. What a rad guy. Surprise proposal was amazing, and every detail was taken care of.
Congrats Emily Morris and Joe Sivert….. so excited about your life together for ever.