not one but two engagements

Dave and I have 3 children.

Boy, Girl, Boy

2 out of 3 kids got engaged in 5 days.

Both in Idaho.

One in Rexburg. One in Yellowstone.
There will be one Wedding in Queen Creek- Gilbert, Arizona. Sealing in Arizona.

One in Jersey Channel Islands, Sealing in the US. Still waiting on passports and visa…

2 very different couple.

2 couples so in love.

2 days of dress shopping.

2 dresses bought.

2 surprise engagement parties.

2 more bonus kids, I am so happy I could cry. Oh wait I have!

2 countries coming together.

both will get very different receptions, but same last name initial. 😉

Excitement. Patience. Kindness. Love. Lots of other adjectives to see how the next few months play out. but the truth is BLESSED. So thankful my two children have found 2 bonus kids for me to love. romantic